A collection of Posthuman Thoughts

In this blog, I share some of my ideas behind my posthuman existence. In some way, this is the imaginary of reflexions, experiences, lectures, references, readings, bibliography, notes, tests, dialogues, and sketches that orbit my work. English is my second language, so all grammar corrections are very welcome in the comments or by email. Some content is only available in Spanish.

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Espiritualidad Híbrida, Cibernética Transcultural

Ensayo— En el escenario contemporáneo, el filósofo inglés David Roden, plantea una desconexión entre el ser humano y el posthumano. En su Tésis de la Desconexión, Roden da cuenta de una realidad radicalmente autónoma, conformada por un espectro de entidades tecnogenéticas, que van ampliando sus capacidades humanas en grados arbitrarios hasta convertirse en una entidad posthumana radical o alienígena, de las cuales se puede inferir el aporte del ser humano como sustrato, pero no se podrá saber, a ciencia cierta, la medida de tal aporte.

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A.I.R. — A post-poetry virtual action (Open Call)

A.I.R. is an experimental performance on post-poetry made possible, in part, by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council, and supported by a grant from the Jerome Foundation. Open the post to see the details and to participate.

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La espiritualidad para mí es la manifestación de la vida; la noción de que estamos interconectados como un todo. Es un estado de conciencia de nuestra existencia como parte de un organismo diverso, en ese sentido la manifestación de la vida es fluida e ilimitada: un continuo vibratorio de energía cósmica.

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Spirituality for me is the manifestation of life; the notion that we are all interconnected as a whole. It is a state of awareness of our existence as part of a diverse organism, in that sense the manifestation of life is fluid and unlimited: a vibrational continuum of cosmic energy.

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Francesca Ferrando: The Art of Posthuman Existence – Interactive Workshop

My project is an ongoing beta experiment on Hybrid Spirituality. I build sensitive machines that enhance and amplify my human abilities to explore new languages and new realities. You can see them as poetic devices that I use to travel through the liminal space. My work is inspired by the spiritual practices of my ancestors. In this space, and for three consecutive weeks, I will be building a live exploration based on the workshop’s program.

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Mafe Izaguirre at AWA Exhibition


I am delighted to invite you to enjoy the international virtual video art exhibition that AWA Culture along with the Venezuelan Curator Humberto Valdivieso is presenting. Starting on August 28th, 2020, this exhibition showcasing 16 artists from 9 countries, will be available permanently (24x7x365) in AWA Culture virtual space.

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New Observations Magazine #133

New Observations #133

The new decade is starting with an exciting review of Real ≠ Reality: The Transgression of Fact, in issue #133 of New Observations magazine. I couldn’t be happier than to share with you a sneak peek of my essay, Machines that Fee—you will be able to download the full magazine in PDF—

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Programa Seminario Humano Demasiado Posthumano, Mafe Izaguirre

Seminario Humano: Demasiado Posthumano. Caracas, Venezuela.

Desde la filosofía pop y el arte, catorce ponentes entre filósofos y artistas, se reunieron en torno a la exploración del universo conceptual y estético del posthumanismo que, en tanto corriente filosófica, cultural y estética de finales del siglo XX y principios del siglos XXI, reúne numerosos movimientos, escuelas de pensamiento y tendencias. No es un ámbito definido…

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Implications of a cyborg

In September 2018, I had the opportunity to meet the cyborg artist and trans-species activist Neil Harbisson in the Design and Research Seminar at A/D/O, Brooklyn. Harbisson is known for having an antenna implanted in his head that allows him to perceive visible and invisible colors…

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The Emotion Machine III, Subtle Body (Vibrations)

A Sensitive Machine (English / Español)

The acceptance of reality seems to be difficult for human beings. We complete the world from our imagination; this is how our sensitive apparatus works. Some individuals are more sensitive than others, others more skilled in the art of figuring the sensitiveness of the image, but we all are equally figuring out reality by completing information from our brain. We indeed imagine the world.

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The Emotion Machine at Chinatown Soup Gallery, NY.

Becoming a Machine (English / Español)

Emotions determine the quality of our lives. They occur in every relationship we care about—in the workplace, in our friendships, in dealings with family members, and in our most intimate relationships. They can save our lives, but they can also cause real damage. They may lead us to act in ways that we think are realistic and appropriate, but our emotions can also lead us to act in ways we regret terribly afterward1

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Pain and Suffering

Living in physical pain can be used as a deep meditation, a kind of exercise to be awake and to produce a vast experience about how and why we process feelings in a physical and mental ways…

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NY1107 Robot: I'm Angry

Ontology of Emotions

Fat Cat Fat Lab, New York – I always drew. I remember how the pen felt in my skin, blue ink was pasty. I also remember clearly how I felt when I express my angry on a red violent strokes, sometimes on black…

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